NZ23 Fundraising

Our scouts are working hard to get to Jamboree with lots of events and initiatives to raise funds. You can support them by visiting their individual pages below and purchasing items or services. If you want to make a purchase to support all scouts as a group please click here Thank you

Current Campaign :

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Scout Individual Fundraising :

Jessica Allen
YoYo (Chiyiu) Cheung
Hayley Cosbrook
Jackson Smith
Steve Zhang
Peyton van Beek
Rose Oborn
Aoife Kernaghan
Melissa Kruger
Harris Gilby
Creo (Chilung) Cheung
Nicholas Thynne
Daniel Bright
Andi Li
Jack Bitossi
Harry Lawson
Katie Gibbard
Blake Murray
Helena Marginet
Alex Saint
Gabriel Luong
Islay Fairley
Kenneth Shi
Petra Lowrie
Oliver Hartnall
James Hunt
Titus Huang
Doris Xiao
Benjamin Stott
Finn Morgan-Cao
Karlos Wan
Isla Gilby
Lewis Hooper
Finn Lowrie
Caitlin Ashford


Jamboree Venturer Team (JST)

Lewis Gilby