The joint Parents – Leaders Committee works with, and supports the Group Leader and other section leaders in the running of the Group focusing primarily on administrative matters, as per Scouting NZ best practice. See ‘Scouts an Introduction for Committee Members‘ for more information.

2019/2020 Main Committee – meets 8pm Wednesdays once a month during term time.

Chair – Katie Christoffersen

Vice Chair – Vacant. Can you help ?

Membership Officer – Deirdre Kernaghan

Treasurer – Anna Oram

Secretary – Felicity Bright

Grants Officer – Michelle Heald

Fundraising Officer – Vacant. Can you help ?

Group Leader –  Colin Mansfield

Assistant Group Leaders – Mike Gilby , Amy Hooper

Other roles:  (reporting via email as necessary to the committee)

Hall Maintenance – Vacant. Can you help ?

Media Officer – Kerri Little

Scarf Making – Maree Lane, Helen McMillan

Quarter Master – Vacant. Can you help ?

Subscriptions Officer – Michelle Heald

Fundraising Sub Committee – Vacant. Can you help ?