Scout’s Personal First Aid Kit

Making up a first aid kit is part of the scout ‘green badge’ strip and it will go with scouts on camps, hikes and outings etc. Your scout will be supplied with a mini tuffbox or they can find another suitable small container.

Scout’s First Aid Kit

The first thing they should do is print out the list content list, decorate it with a red cross, their name and stick it to the inside of the lid. The list of items can be printed from this document

If you could then take them to a larger pharmacy(that has a first aid section) to buy the following items if you dont have them at home aready:

  1. Crepe bandage -100 mm – traditional style material bandage $4
  2. Dressings – 2 or 3 small\medium. These are sold loose -get a couple of gauze ones (60c) and a small burns one $2-$3
  3. Pain relief – X2 Paracetamol or aspirin – just cut from a existing strip (not to be administered without an adult being asked first they have been told)
  4. Antihistamine tablets x3-6 – just cut from a existing strip.
  5. Plasters x6 
  6. Antiseptic Cream  or half a dozen wipe sachets.
  7. Disposable CPR face shield (I will get these from St John if you can not find)
  8. Burn gel sachet $2
  9. Non–alcohol wipes – a couple 50c
  10. Sticking paper tape – this is the white paper type $1-$2
  11. Safety pins 2 or 3
  12. Small pair of scissors
  13. Disposable gloves – optional

Where you can let them practice applying plasters and antiseptic cream on you and their siblings for any minors cuts and abrasions. This will help them hone their first aid skills and see value in the kit, plus they need to be responsible for keeping it replenished. Once complete get your scout to bring the completed kit back to a meeting to show leaders.

First Aid Kit Typical Contents