Ship Termly Clean 2022-2023

Ship Termly Clean 2022-2023


The cleaning can be done anytime during the school holidays, just coordinate with any other helpers if you want to split the work or do it at the same time. Pickup key from Hall Manager and entry code, leave on shelf in hall once all done. Ensure all windows and doors secured on departure. Thanks.

Required (cleaning gear is under the sink and QM store for mops):

  • Wipe windows frames and clean glass in all rooms
  • Clean cup and glasses cupboard
  • Clean cooker and microwaves.
  • Kitchen - wipe down skirt and trim, cupboard doors, sinks.
  • Vacuum ward room (bring hoover)
  • Clean tables in hall, ward room and kitchen.
  • Sweep and mop all floors (hot water will take 15 mins to heat up once power is on)

Thanks you for helping your scout group.

July 16, 2023
Clean Crew
Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 11:00 am
Available Spots