Tauhinu Ditty Bag


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Youth use Ditty Bags, which is a great project for them to make a custom one at home, or you buy a Tauhinu one and customize it. The ditty bag holds cutlery, a plate, a bowl and a mug for which every piece should be named or initialed. There should also be a tea towel as on camp youth wash and dry their own dishes, and even the leaders’ ones occasionally. Enamel or metal plates are the best, as cheaper plastic can snap. The size of the plate, bowl and cup needs to be of a good capacity so youth get a proper portion of food on camp. They will be very hungry after busy camp days so a ‘Paw Patrol’ or ‘Wiggles’ junior size bowl isn’t go to cut it. The mug is in addition to a water bottle, so the water bottle is kept hygienic.