Coromandel Trip

Setting Off

On July 18 Tauhinu Venturers set off for the Coromandels with the first night in a cabin in Thames.  Checking the weather forecast before we set off was only thunder lightning hail showers becoming heavy NICE.  We delayed our departure till about 11am on the Saturday fortunately we were able to pass the FORDS which were not impassable by 4wd at this time.  We commenced our climb to the pinnacles missing most of the bad weather all seasons in one day.  The bush was very wet and the river was flowing quickly so all flood detours were taken which included swing bridges a new experience for some.  Keeping in contact with vhf we climbed stairs for some 3 1/2hours to get to the hut where the billy was put on for tail end charlie – a nice hot cup of tea good on you boys.  Dinner was prepared by the Venturers Pasta with bacon pieces and chopped tomato followed by chocolate mousse for desert.  YUM.  We played some cards and met some new people and off to bed.

Sunday morning weather was thunder lightning heavy rain becoming worse in the afternoon but visibility was still good at breakfast to see the highest point of the pinnacles so we waited for a gap in the weather and headed upto the top, more stairs and clambering up the rock face to a nicely built platform, the wind chill factor was very noticable  but the view was to die for.  Back to the hut to make some lunch for the trip back down.  We had a little rain on the way down and a bit of wind. The river had fallen enough to cross in most places.  The advance party put the billy on just to the side of the last crossing of the river for everyone including tail end charlie – a nice hot cup of milo and some scroggin before packing up for the last part of the walk out to the cars.  Both young and old had an enjoyable trip.

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